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We are an integrated development team that embrace and encourage advancements in technology.


Partnering with Ionik Labs has allowed us to focus more on brand development and content strategy. We can create a unique and creative experience and be confident that their team can make it happen.

Darren W.

Our Journey

We are experimenting with the latest technologies like Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence today; to understand how we will interact with the digital world tomorrow.

  • 2019 Evolve

    We are shifting focus from a digital agency to work on our own projects and goals. We want to use technology to captivate, inspire and teach.

  • 2016 Growth

    We developed a framework architecture for digital delivery called Dispatch that supports clients with the infrastructure and tools to develop robust scalable applications. Dispatch was built on modern development standards, with automation and security at the core.

  • 2010 Humble beginnings

    We started as a small digital agency passionate about building beautiful; accessible, user interfaces with a focus on micro interactions and web optimisation.

Through our dedication to deliver to such a high standard we were able to partner with prestigious digital agencies throughout Australia and the world working on applications for government, regional councils and companies of all shapes and sizes.

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Meet our Team

What we lack in size we make up for in experience, get to know us.

  • Matt Johnson

    Matt Johnson

    Senior software developer & UI enthusiast

    Ionik Labs was founded by Matt Johnson an enthusiastic Freelance developer in 2010.

What we have done

Just a handful of our recent projects we are proud of.

Ionik Labs

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